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Epocure Resin & Chemicals LLP

We are, Epocure Resin & Chemicals LLP. is in the business of developing, manufacturing, and promoting products using natural and renewable Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) technology, covers an area of 100,000 m2, and owns a capacity of epoxy amine curing agents of 18,000 T/A to fulfill their customer’s need. With the history of quality, Epocure has the technology and capability to service the most demanding customers in our core market of coatings.

Though a variety of epoxy resin products are commercially available, the three main criteria for creating or choosing an amine hardener (or blend) for an epoxy formulation are (in no particular order): cost, processing requirements and performance requirements that will be assisted by Epocure for their customer benefits. Epocure products are used in the coating, adhesive, and friction material market to deliver high performance and bring unique properties to customer products.

Regarding our new project:

We particularly specialized in application of epoxy floor coating; Epoxy self-leveling, Epoxy screed mortar flooring system on concrete floors. A unique tough & hard system providing anti-static, anti-bacterial, hygiene & Easy clean surface.

Nowadays these above system are widely used in chemical plants, car manufacturing units, parking lots, production areas of general industries, ware houses, offices, & particularly sterile area of pharmaceutical plants and hospitals. From health care facilities to industrial warehouses, Epo Flooring® Flooring Systems provide superior strength and durability.